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That's too easy, and it won't help the situation. Talk to them about it instead. Or, just wait for this touchy phase to pass. In a day or two, you'll feel like yourself again. It's a very good day for spending some close, one-on-one time with your sweetheart, if you have one.

Today is for exploring emotional connections and rejoicing in their depth and complexity. This is truly what makes life worth living. A romantic relationship intensifies today, for better or for worse. Regardless of whether things are blissful or rough between you, they're intense, and it's hard for you to take things lightly now.

This is one of those days when you might experience a wonderfully passionate connection with your sweetheart, or you might go through emotional torture -- only to realise, later, that things weren't nearly as bad as you thought. Mysteries of any kind hold particular fascination for you today. You want to understand yourself, and you also want to know what makes other people tick. A tactfully worded question could lead to a deep, intriguing conversation with someone. By talking with them about their own problems and feelings, you'll gain understanding about your own.

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It's a good day to be introspective, especially if you sense that some area of your life is out of balance. If you've been having trouble with a particular relationship, look within yourself first, before pointing your finger at anyone else. How might you have contributed to this situation?

Go ahead and be self-analytical. You have a better grasp than usual of the reasons behind their behaviour. It's easy to accomplish your goals today, because you're so single-minded in your focus. You take a scientific approach to answering any question, looking deeply into the evidence you collect, testing it out and drawing the best conclusion you can draw based on what you know. If anything doesn't make sense, keep digging. You'll uncover all kinds of secrets and mysteries if you just keep looking and processing information.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer which is in the sign of Pisces.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, and the Sun which is in the sign of Capricorn. So, there is an opportunity that can come with some cost for you today. In other words, you have an chance to be wise and astute about your life but it will require you to be on your toes looking for your last area of hurt or weakness. Chiron in astrology is a planet that's associated with a deep wound of the heart and spirit that allows you a chance to grow and help others who are going through something similar.

When in the sign of Pisces, this can become a distorted type of energy. Not that Pisces is a bad zodiac sign, but unconditional love, the kind that puts on blinders puts people in a position to misunderstand the role that is being played when situations begin to unfold. The Moon in astrology isn't just the symbol for the way you think and learn best but it also represents the past.

So, today with Chiron and the Moon conjunct in Pisces, you may have the past come up and mirror the present. But it won't have anything to do with it, just seem to, and that can be a problem.

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The Moon also represents the knee jerk reaction you can have when situations present themselves. With Pluto and the Sun communicating with the Moon and Chiron this is where work starts to kick in. You may have to stop, pause, reflect if you catch yourself weepy or angrier than you ought to be about a situation. People can act like a person who hurt you in the past and you imagine that they are going to do the same thing that you had done before. But, the chances are they won't because they are not that person. Yes, history does repeat itself but not all the time.

So, when you find yourself looking at situations feeling as though you may be in a rut where you can't catch a break or that things can go wrong and always will Chances are you are thinking through the lens of the past and today's experience is just a reflection, and you can return to optimism. Aries, be open to new challenges that require different resources. Sometimes your eyes focus on what you think is the ideal situation because others have had an experience you'd like to have. An adventurous spirit continues to drive you this month, dear Aquarius, with special attention on your solar ninth house.

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Influences in this area of your chart stimulate your need to break out of a routine or limiting pattern of behavior. Educational, publishing, or travel opportunities can present themselves. Your social life is mainly pleasant and easygoing in October.

This month favors promotion of various types, group activities, learning, making valuable contacts, and venturing beyond your regular routine. As the month progresses, an energy shift towards career and responsibilities occurs. There can be recognition of your work or skills on the Helping others or learning new things can be especially pleasurable now. You're making considerable progress with higher education, networking, travel, legal affairs, friendships, publishing, promotion, and long-term dreams and goals.

You might be attracted to a new line of study or feel motivated to explore a topic more deeply. Be positive and open for best results.

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Do your best not to over-think around the Full Moon on the 13th, and be careful what you allow yourself to believe, as others may not be giving you the full story. There can be a vital culmination on an educational level for some of you. This lunation encourages you to take care of your daily affairs so that you can branch out more confidently. Self-honesty can have a lovely, cleansing, and purging effect on you. Facing things that you've recently avoided brings a feeling of moving forward.

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Acknowledging complicated feelings can, most interestingly, untangle them just enough that you can fee freer. Aim to sort out what information is useful, and what matters are only serving to overload you and rob you of your peace of mind. If you've been putting off attention to mundane affairs, including errands and deadlines, you'll feel the need to correct the matter now.

The month can be a time for renewing or reviving projects that you were working on behind the scenes or that were left unfinished. Planets begin to move into your solar tenth house of career and reputation, starting with Mercury on the 3rd. You're giving more and more thought to your responsibilities, plans, work, and status.

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You're also more accountable for what you communicate and more aware of how you are coming across when you speak or write. Others may recognize you for your ideas or intelligence, and this is rewarding. You might find yourself more frequently in the position to make decisions about your life direction and career. There can be reminders to make changes to areas of your life that have become too predictable. Your ruler, Uranus, gets some nudges from planets opposing it in October.

New insights into your career or life path are coming now, and it's important to listen not only to what your intuition is telling you but also to what seems to be coming from out of the blue. A progressive and innovative approach is called for, but shouldn't be pushed too hard or taken too far. Aim to be flexible since changes on the home front can take up large chunks of your time this month. While you're particularly alert on business or practical levels this month, you also see things you don't typically see in your interactions with others.