Venus in pisces man compatibility

Taurus represents the art of love making, tenderness and sensuality. The sign of Pisces is a culmination of a sexual encounter — orgasm. They have the ability to get lost in each other, make their dreams come true and satisfy each other by pure existence. Pisces on the other hand, get lost in sexual experiences, and can even find them toxic if their impressions on other people are unrealistic.

When they meet the right Taurus partner, they can be intrigued and relieved by their nature, for what they see is actually what they get. Because of the emotional nature of the sign of Pisces and their deep sense of purpose, Taurus will feel loved to the point of getting lost in the sexuality of their partner. They will both pay very little attention to their own pleasure because of all those feelings guiding them.

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This is almost always a giving relationship where both partners are equally satisfied when it comes to sex. The beauty of their contact is in the fact that when together, they both lose their need to hide and let their emotions grow with ease. The sign of Pisces is a sign of mutable quality, and they can unexpectedly change, without a clear reason.

If this happens, Taurus will know that the trust is lost, however their relationship seemed just a couple of minutes ago. Basically, when Pisces partner gets bored, they start to think of excuses and lies, before they even realize that their relationship is over. It is up to Taurus to understand the flakiness of their partner. When they do, they can either accept the situation and fight for love, or end the relationship and move on. Both of these signs are not very talkative and Pisces even lead Mercury to its fall.

Venus In Pisces & Men With This Placement

This is why they really need to form a strong emotional bond and listen to each other through very little words. Unfortunately, they can get lost in the world of Pisces and really lose that grip they have on reality. At first, this will be like a drug, an addiction, something they have been waiting for their entire life. The most important thing for Taurus in a relationship with Pisces is to stand their ground and hold on to their common sense, practicality and their usual need to live in reality. Taurus and Pisces have a magical emotional connection. With Pisces exalting Venus, the ruler of Taurus, this is not only love but adoration.

If this feeling goes on, they could stay in a beautiful relationship for a very long time.

Since very old times, people have been looking into heavens, seeking for answers to questions of the greatest of all mysteries, our own existence. The greatest minds have been pursuing answers to the question of ultimate existence and purpose, in stars above. Perhaps each one of us has asked themselves about their own purpose in life. Moreover, we would like to know if there is anything that certain about our lives. We would like to know our future, in order to feel safe and secure. Well, at least some people would like to know about it; others accept the uncertainty of our destiny more easily.

Most of the people are, perhaps, somewhere in between.

Can skies above tell you about future and your individual lifeline and destiny? Astrologers claim it could answer some questions. However, many people think horoscope predicts events that are factual, while in reality, astrology is much more complex than that.

Venus Is The Planet For Romance

Do not be disappointed if you do not get concrete answers from astrology. We talk, of course, about personalized astrology or natal astrology. Think of stars, planets, zodiac signs and all other elements that feature your horoscope as powerful guidelines, loaded with precious information. According to astrology, these elements create specific aspects that affect our lives and define who we are, to some point. Horoscopes, however, do not predict future in the simplest way. It reveals our capacities and our potentials. It tells what you are inclined into, astrologically, which might be of great use.

All of these things are present in your natal chart.

Pisces Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

An astrologer would create such a diagram and interpret it for you. He or she would know about each one of the aspects found there. Astrology is an ancient practice and it originates from times far as about a couple of thousands of years ago. It has a long, rich, and turbulent history in the Western world. Certain dose of suspicion is natural. However, we have known for very long that planets definitely have an impact on our lives. Their movement through our system affects our own planet. In astrological terms, planets do not affect only our home planet in total, but also each one of us lives and personalities.

Let us learn more about it. Planets have been an important feature of horoscopes since far past.

Venus Sign Compatibility in Relationships

Sun and Moon are astrologically also enlisted as planets, although technically they are not. There are five personal planets that are thought to have an effect upon our personality traits, as seen in our birth charts. Each one of these personal planets determines our personality profile. One gives us our basic traits, the other tells about how we see, feel and express certain ideas. One determines how e love, the other how we act and another one how we think. Personal planets move quite fast and do not stay in one sign in a zodiac circle for too long.

The rest of them are steadier, so they affect the whole generation, for example, not an individual on a personal level. Here we come to our lovely Venus. Venus is the planet of love and abundance. In ancient mythologies, it was associated with female deities, associated with fertility, wealth, beauty, love, amorousness, harmony, femininity, benevolence, peace and so on. In Western astrology, this heritage is present in the form of archetypes. Venus rules over signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is the brightest of all planets, after Sun and Moon.

Venus does not only define the course of love in your destiny, if we are to simplify the idea, but also defines your comprehension of love. Love is all around and it has been the greatest inspiration of all times. Depending on the position of Venus in your birth chart, you will feel and place love in specific place. Compatibility astrology is a complex art, and when done professionally there are hundreds of variables to take into account, not just sun signs.

Venus is known as the planet of love and romance, so its position in your birth chart is crucial when it comes to assessing compatibility with a partner. Astrology is a lot like a language in matters of love, and Venus tells us how you and your partner approach love, what attracts each of you, and how you handle romance.

If you have Venus in Aries, your approach to love is self centred but passionate, and you love the thrill of the chase. You are an impulsive lover, and highly sexual, but problems in a partnership bring out your latent temper, whether or not your sun sign is prone to temper. The best Venus sign matches for you would be lovers with Venus in a fire sign, for a tempestuous relationship, or in an air sign. People with Venus in Taurus, by contrast, are attracted to strong, stable types and take a long time to warm up into a relationship.

Regardless of sun sign , when it comes to compatibility, astrology suggests that Venus in Taurus is best matched with another Venus earth sign, or with a Venus water sign.


People with Venus in Gemini have a very flirtatious approach to love, and tend to be quite fickle too, often changing partners frequently when young. For the Venus in Gemini person, a fun, intelligent companion is a must, and these people are attracted to someone with a sense of humour or a way with words. Compatibility astrology for Venus in Gemini would be best with a Venus fire sign, or with another air sign.

You want a lover who is what they say they are, and who expresses their love towards you in a gentle, nurturing way.