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Under all of this retrograde energy, we have had to really stop and assess the direction of our lives. We have had to slow down and look to the past for guidance, wisdom, and in order to heal. In November, we will have two key planets in retrograde- Venus and Mercury, however, there will be a softening, and we are going to feel more at ease as we prepare to wrap up the year gone by. At the end of October, we experienced the height of Venus Retrograde and through the first few weeks of November, she is going to be preparing herself to begin a new cycle.

Venus will officially move out of retrograde on November 16th, and at this time her work will be completed. On the same day she goes direct however, Mercury turns retrograde and will stay in this motion until December 6th. Again, it really seems that the Universe wants us to slow down and reflect before moving ahead.

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Even though we are still working with retrograde energy through November, there is a glittering event that is really going to dominate and bring some positive energy into our lives. This event happens on November 8 and is the move of the planet Jupiter out of Scorpio and into its home constellation of Sagittarius. This is wonderful, positive news, and is going to be one of the best aspects for the next 12 months.

While Jupiter is in Sagittarius we are going to feel expansive, abundant, positive, radiant, and we are going to feel hopeful. There has been so much tragedy around the world and so much tension in politics, but Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to help brighten the mood, and allow us to see ways in which we can work together, rather than against each other.

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This New Moon does have some intensity around it, however, it is going to bring more understanding and more resolution to whatever was stirred on the Taurus Full Moon back in October. It is also going to highlight and help wrap up the issues that were bought forward while Jupiter was in Scorpio.

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While things may come to a head on this New Moon, it is likely that this climax will lead to a resolution and a way to move forward and find forgiveness. Following this, we have the grand alignment of November In numerology, the code for this day will be Constellation Centaurus is Chiron made of stars. This then is a fantastic time to heal old love wounds from an ex-lover.

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It might also be a good time for reconciliation to take place in a romantic relationship that has become painful. In Latin, venenum from which venom comes, originally meant love potion, but over time came to mean poison. I had a feeling that Venus and Venom where connected hence the title for this Mercury retrograde post. One who is dedicated to the truth, who passionately pursues the answers. A time where peoples emotions are stirred.

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In my research, I found some very dark criminals with this position due to Mercury being the thief and the trickster. This energy can chop and change with ease and wear many different masks. Generally, it is very hard to see the reality behind the disguise and is a very gifted actor. The mind is sharp but difficult to read. However, those touched by this Mercury retrograde will be fantastic at reading others minds and psychic powers are at their peak.

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This is the chameleon and can so easily be the invisible man. Nobody notices Mercury Scorpio 3 so it makes a great spy. It will be on fixed star Zubenelschemali in the northern scale of Libra.

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Here opens a window of wonderfulness where we can stand in the eye of the hurricane but then emerge miraculously in one piece. Send a romantic message that really hits the mark or pitch an artistic idea. Try as close to these times as you can. Mercury is the mind so of course, these people make fantastic psychologists, marketers and propagandists. When close to Zuben Elgenubi Mercury can be quite treacherous and have criminal tendencies. Watch your belongings at this time! This is a very charming and seductive Mercury too.

Such covert-working can leave those touched by this trickster energy feeling ripped off, bitter and resentful. Mercury has some dignity here by term, which is small but useful. Mercury here can be obsessive over a subject and therefore very focused when it comes to study or research. A great time for study then. In love though, we could be so fixated with our beloved that it will feel uncomfortably intense to the point of stalking.

At this time those touched by this Mercury retrograde should put their energies into writing a novel rather than sending endless soppy texts and emails to their partner. It is not romantic to feel like you have to reply to endless communications. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain.

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During the Mercury retrograde period, it feels like Mercury has gone down into the underworld. In this realm, closer to spirit, we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened.